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Destin’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world! The sugar-white sand is made up of pure Appalachian quartz and gives the water here its trademark emerald green color by reflecting the sunlight back up through the colored water. Hence, the area’s name – The Emerald Coast.

Silver Beach Towers offers 600 feet of private Destin beach, dedicated to the exclusive use of its owners and vacation rental guests. The site of this beach and the toes-in-the-sand experience of this beach are truly mood-altering. From the initial awe to peace and serenity, this beach moves people. Those that have experienced its power come back again and again. For those that have not yet had the pleasure, the experience awaits you.

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Beach Chair Services at Silver Beach Towers

Guests of the on-site rental agency, Compass Resorts, receive a complimentary beach chair set (two chairs and one umbrella) for each day of their stay from March 1 to October 31. Beach Service at Silver Beach Towers Resort is provided by Silver Beach Towers Recreational Facilities, an entity owned and operated by the Silver Beach Towers Property Owner’s Association.

Beach Chair Reservations

The Silver Beach Towers Resort Beach Service offers an online reservation system. Guests renting their accommodations from Compass Resorts are automatically provided an access code and detailed reservation instructions prior to arrival. This allows for advance booking of complimentary beach setups and any additional beach equipment they may wish to rent. If you have already obtained your code and instructions, please use the following link to access the beach chair reservations website. Click here for the Silver Beach Towers Resort online beach chair reservation website.

Beach Safety

Safety flags are posted at all public beach accesses. Be sure to check the surf condition prior to entering the water. For more information, call the Okaloosa County Beach Safety hotline (850) 685–0610. Remember to maintain safety first while enjoying the beach. There are no lifeguards on duty at Silver Beach Towers. Supervision of children, the buddy system, and strict adherence to the beach safety flag system is advised at all times.
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