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Updated 08.07.2020

We are now accepting reservations!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has rescinded quarantine rules on people traveling to Florida from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We are now welcoming guests from all states!

has identified New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as high-risk states for COVID-19 infection and transmission. Thus, unfortunately, we can't accept reservations from persons residing in those states at this time. When the high-risk status has been removed we will gladly welcome visitors from those states. 

Compass Resorts is committed to providing a clean, comfortable, and safe atmosphere where our valued guests can find themselves at the beach. This webpage is updated regularly. However, we recommend you visit websites for The World Health OrganizationThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and The Florida Department of Health for the most updated information regarding travel. 

Effects in Our Area

Although there are over 90,000 cases of COVID-19 across the state, both counties where we have vacation rentals have seen much fewer cases. Where we are in the Florida panhandle is a very small fraction of the overall population and area of the state. Not only are we in the smaller part of the state, but we are also more difficult to get to because we don't have larger international airports like other Florida cities. We're mainly a drive-to market that hosts guests from mostly neighboring states. This drastically limits our area to the virus' exposure even though only a small portion of the COVID-19 cases statewide have been linked to travel.

So, while cases may be worsening in some parts of Florida, Okaloosa and Walton counties are showing signs of good health amid COVID-19. We encourage our guests to look at the number of cases in the counties where our vacation rentals are located rather than statewide case numbers. You can find the most recent numbers by county here when clicking "cases by county" tab in the bottom left corner of the page. We hope this will help communicate why we are now enforcing our regular policies despite cases in Florida increasing. Overall, our region is not seeing a great deal of change yet, and based on current statistics we don't expect to see any major changes in the near future. However, the COVID-19 situation is unprecendented and unpredictable and we are bracing for any possible changes. We will reevaluate our policies and procedures the same way we have in the past if we experience any changes. 

Impact on Travel

Presently, the Level 3 Travel Alert issued by the CDC is a global recommendation that travelers at high risk of contracting COVID-19 should exercise special precautions to avoid becoming ill. This is not a restriction on travel to our area or any other area within the United States. For more information, visit the CDC’s Travel Health Notices web page.  

What is Compass Resorts doing to keep its guests safe?

Compass Resorts’ standard cleaning procedures have always been above CDC recommendations. All vacation rentals are thoroughly and professionally cleaned between each stay. Vacation rental accommodations are only released for guest check ins after a rigorous inspection process.

Property cleaners and our front desk staff are taking additional precautions to keep guests safe as well. We've increased the frequency of cleaning at our properties, front desks, and offices. We've also increased the frequency of cleaning of commonly contacted items in our rentals and at our properties. Learn more about our Commitment to Excellence Amid COVID-19.

Our Approach

The recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an unprecedented situation. Compass Resorts is committed to remaining flexible, informed, and responsive to our guests as the situation continues to evolve. We are keeping a close eye on the situation via announcements from the CDC, WHO, and Florida Department of Health. We’re following the recommendations of these entities regarding our approach to business.

Our Vacation Rental Policy Exceptions

Sometimes the unexpected happens. That’s why we have implemented vacation rental policy exceptions. These are amendments to our normal vacation rental policies to reflect the unpredictable state of the COVID-19 situation and allow our guests to continue planning their vacations with peace of mind.

How are the vacation rental policy exceptions different from the Compass Resorts rental policies?

Our regular rental policies only allow changes without a penalty if those changes are made before the final payment is due. In our vacation rental policy exceptions, reservations arriving between July 1 and August 31, 2020, (date subject to change) may be “continued” or “suspended” without penalty. You may also cancel your reservation if necessary. We hope you'll choose to continue or suspend your stay with us, but we understand that unexpected changes may occur that might warrant such exceptions.

What's the criteria for rental policy exception eligibility?

To be eligible for a rental policy exception for arrival dates between July 1 and August 31, the need for the exception must be based on pandemic-related issues and concerns. These can include but are not limited to, 

  • Contracting the virus 
  • Exposure to a COVID-19 positive person(s)
  • New local, state, or federal restrictions that make travel to and from Florida (the state as a whole, or Okaloosa and Walton Counties in particular) prohibited or if travel to Florida requires self-quarantining

The criteria is based on the honor system. We are trusting our guests that are experiencing extenuating circumstances to let us know about their situation. We remain committed to being flexible based on our guests' needs as we all work through this COVID-19 pandemic and the fluid situations it's creating. 

What does it mean to “Continue” my reservation?

There are two ways to continue your reservation:

1. Keep your reservation as is and stay for the dates you’ve already booked. (Unless otherwise prevented by local or state ordinance.)

2. Or, you can reschedule your stay dates for another time between now and August 31, 2021, if you keep the same vacation rental. 

What does it mean to "Suspend" my reservation?

A suspended reservation is a reservation that's temporarily canceled. The payments you made will be held as a credit toward a future reservation in the same vacation rental for any available dates through August 31, 2021.

This credit can be used to re-book the same vacation rental for any available dates through August 31, 2021

We recommend this option if you aren’t sure when you will be able to continue your reservation. 

What does it mean to cancel my reservation?

If you cancel your reservation, we will refund you your full payment except for the Travel Insurance (if purchased) and the four percent reservation/processing fee.

What else do I need to know about the vacation rental policy exceptions?

If the new booking exceeds the cost of the prior booking, the guest is responsible for paying the difference.

The normal rental policies will apply to all rescheduled reservations at the time the reservation is changed.At this time, the normal rental policies remain in effect for reservations arriving August 31, 2020, or later (date subject to change).

For additional information, please contact Compass Resorts directly at 850-269-1005. Our Customer Contact Center is open daily to assist you. Please note that wait times are longer than usual due to increased call volumes related to COVID-19 inquiries. We appreciate your patience.

If my reservation is not eligible under the vacation rental policy exceptions, am I covered by Travel Insurance?

  • Most reasons for cancellation or trip interruption related to COVID-19 are considered “foreseeable events” within the Generali Travel Insurance policy offered by Compass Resorts. Most “foreseeable events” are not eligible for reimbursement through Travel Insurance. Other reasons for cancellation may still be covered by the Travel Insurance policy depending on which coverages apply to you based on your state of residence.

  • The usual coverages of the Travel Insurance plan still apply to your stay regardless of the COVID-19 situation. These coverages include AAA service, baggage recovery or replacement, travel delays related to adverse weather, illness, injury, job loss, reimbursement for emergency medical and dental coverage, etc. (Click here for an overview of Generali Global Assistance Travel Insurance).

  • If you are concerned about coverage for a specific scenario or need more information, please Contact Generali Global Assistance at 866-999-4018 or visit their website.